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Sil Lum Tao


Little Idea

Muk Yan Jong


Wooden Dummy

Chum Kiu


Seeking the Bridge

Bart Cham Dao


Eight Cutting Blades/

Butterfly Knives

Biu Gee


Thrusting Fingers

Luk Dim Boon Kwun


Dragon Pole/Six and Half Point Pole

Free Your Mind, Move Your Body, Balance Your Chi

"Taking up Wing Chun has been one of the most empowering experiences in my life. It is effective and stimulating and improved my general confidence also in other aspects of my life. Also, it is fun.  I am very happy to be part of Molly's club because my fellow students are very friendly and supportive and those who are more senior are always happy to help you developing your practice. As a consequence, the atmosphere is never intimidating or overwhelming, but always very pleasant and warm.  Finally, Molly is an excellent teacher; her knowledge of the deeper aspects of the art and of the Wing Chun techniques really represents an added value. She is very focused on her students and can always find a way to give you the right corrections or the appropriate encouragement. She pushes us every time a bit more but without putting us off. Finally, the lessons are always very well structured and thoroughly prepared."

—  Laura, Student

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the health benefits of synergy wing chun

  • Our meditative mind state calms the emotional body allowing you to remain grounded.

  • The spirit learns to settle in the physical body which help symptoms of insomnia.

  • Standing practice helps to reduce blood pressure and increases blood cell production.

  • Breathe work calms and soothes the nervous system and connects your mind-body.

  • Spatial awareness, timing and distance responses improve with daily practice.

  • Better control of 'fight or flight' response under pressure helps alleviate anxiety.

  • Forms develop a quality of mindfulness and focus that is transferable in daily life.

  • Learning new skills will build a sense of inner confidence and self achievement.

  • A daily practice will increase your ability to focus and strengthen self-discipline.

  • Great improvements can be seen in posture due to focus on spinal alignment 

  • Long term back issues have reduced due to the steady and mindful practice. 

  • Yin Yang interplay principles brings more wisdom to your daily life.


Sifu Molly is a qualified Tuina massage practitioner and energy intuitive who regularly provides energetic corrections in her practice.  She often uses this knowledge to assist in releasing energy blocks manifesting as unwanted tension from the bodies of her students.  This improves their structural alignment and therefore the ability to perform the wing chun movements and principles within the system.  She has also provided guidance in matters of health, relationship balancing and spiritual advancement to enhance their personal development.


★★★★★ "Molly is a superb instructor"



★★★★★ "Sifu Molly has high skill and lasting, true integrity!"


California, USA


Synergy Wing Chun

Bristol Boxing Gym

The Mill

Lower Ashley Road

Bristol, BS5 OYJ

Call: 07818 507 695