Knife Form


What is Bart Cham Dao?



Bart Cham Dao (translated as Eight Slashing Knives) is one of the two weapon forms along with the pole form. The name refers to the eight different directions in which the knives are wielded.  This being the same equivalent as the directions found on a Union Jack flag.  


The movements are replicated from those found within the empty hand forms.  The knife form thus creates an extension to what has already been practised throughout the system. With diligent practice, a student will begin to improve their momentum handling from the extra weight the knives provide.  At an advanced level additional skills can be developed that allow the transferring of chi to ripple through the blade.  This can sometimes be heard depending on the size of the blades used and the correct resonance.


There are many benefits to be gained from practising the Knife form, some of which include:




  • Improved momentum handling   

  • Advancing footwork

  • Chi distribution

  • Strengthened applications

  • Robust structure

  • Power and connection awareness from the ground

  • New directions of attack & defense

  • Deeper understanding of technique energies



The way in which energy is released from the empty hand form of Biu Gee is advanced further by utilising this into the execution of the knife form.  The knife form is a very practical system, it is not about speed or impressive showboating but more the usefulness of its economic manoeuvres and control gained from its sequence of movements.