Darting Fingers

Learning Keys

What is Biu Gee?



Biu Gee is the third empty hand form and most energetically advanced.  It is divided and taught in two sections. The first section introduces rotational movements, vertical elbows, and finger strikes.

The second section teaches advanced techniques that cover all opportunistic lines and angles to aid with centre line recovery. Techniques from the third form can be delivered using either explosive power or deflective passivity, depending on the purpose of its application.  

The form includes:




  • Recovery of centre line

  • Explosive energy

  • Enhancement of existing techniques

  • Focused energy expression

  • Extension of fighting distance

  • Increase of speed and reaction

  • Recovery from all angles



Traditionally the Biu Gee form is not taught until the student has a deeper understanding of the first two empty hand forms.  Students must be able to demonstrate this by performing applications which reflect a solid and  robust structure whilst under pressure from incoming forces.  

Without obtaining the relevant skill levels gained from diligent practice of the first two forms, the correct

use of energy found in Biu Gee cannot be truly deployed. 


Learning keys


Biu Gee

  • The Biu Gee hand contains emergency techniques.


  • Iron fingers can strike a vital point at once.


  • The stepping in elbow strike has sufficient threatening power.


  • The phoenix eye punch has no compassion.


  • Fak Sau, Ginger Fist, and Guide Bridge; their movements are closely coordinated and hard to defend and nullify.


  • Springy power and the extended arm are applied to close range.


  • The situation is different when preventing from defeat in an emergency.


  • The Biu Gee is not taught to outsiders.


  • How many Sifu's pass on the proper heritage?