Dummy Form

Learning Keys

What is the Dummy Form?



 The Muk Yan Jong (translated Wooden Man Stake) acts as an indispensable training tool for the advanced Wing Chun practitioner. It helps to both cultivate and unify a body connection which is first seeded from the empty hand forms.  


When understood and applied correctly it can elevate fighting applications to the next level simply by the sheer dynamic footwork, correct use of energy and execution of power that is sometimes difficult to achieve working solely with a training partner.  



The form has to be practiced extensively with a disciplined mind in order for its subtle secrets to be revealed. Over time you start to gain a deep awareness of what your body is energetically capable of by applying the correct mobility, force acceleration, and relaxation.


The wooden dummy is a solid and robust structure which helps refine specific anatomical positions.  The form is divided into eight sections, the first two of which are repeated on the left and right side, balancing the practice of that particular section.  The benefits obtained by training on a dummy include: 




  • Agile footwork & mobility

  • Advanced kicks

  • Refined centre line

  • Acceleration of power

  • On Off Precision 

  • Unrelenting feedback

  • Core focus

  • Continuous Repetition  

  • Chi Focus 

  • Sticking Power

  • Structural accountability



Students should first develop a good understanding and control of their energies from the empty hand forms before considering learning the dummy form.

The Muk Yan Jong is a vital training tool for any serious Wing Chun Practitioner who wishes to improve and enhance their skill and energy expression. 

Learning keys

The Wooden Dummy


  • There are 108 movements for the Wooden Dummy; repeated practice brings proper use of power.


  • Steps vary and always maintain close contact with the Wooden Man.


  • Power starts from the heart and shoots towards the centerline of the Mok Yan Jong.


  • Up, down, back and forth, the movements are continuous.


  • Power improvement cannot be predicted.


  • The arm bridge sticks to the hands of the Wooden Dummy while moving; adhesion power when achieved will be a threatening force.


  • Power can be released in the intended manner; use of the line and position will be proper and hard to defeat.