How to Join
Simply follow these steps... 

Step 1  Choose a date for your first session, click here to view our class calendar.

Step 2  Decide how you wish to learn, we recommend you start with evening classes. 


To advance further you can book weekly/bio weekly or monthly 1-2-1's on Tues/Weds/Sats

Step 3  Take a few minutes to read our membership info, code of conduct and class etiquette 

combined in one document and known as our Terms & Conditions 


Privacy Policy 

Step 4  Complete and 

send our membership

application online which 

acts as your personal information submission and agreement to the T&C's. 

Step 5  When the form is received the instructor will phone you (usually within 24hrs) for a brief induction and to answer your questions. 

Step 6  All applicants will be required to undergo a trial period of up to but not exceeding four weeks before acquiring a membership status.

(or a minimum of four lessons)

Step 7  Once the trial period is complete, if accepted you will be invited to formally join our school as a new IMWCB student member.

Step 8  If you are happy to proceed you will need to setup a standing order for the monthly membership fee.  

Step 9  Finally you will receive a confirmation email welcoming you to our school and as a new member of IMWCB.  Further info will then follow regarding the log-in details for our website and account details for setting up your standing order.