Living and respecting our Wing Chun training etiquette demonstrates that you respect your school, your instructor(s), your training partners and your friends.


1.  Please arrive five minutes before the class starts.  If you need to leave early, please let your teacher know first.

2.  Say hello to everyone at the start of class and say goodbye at the end of a class.  Use our closed hand gesture to greet your teacher and fellow classmates when working together.

3.  If you do arrive late and warm up has finished please do a 5min stretch and joint opening routine plus 30 knee ups, 30 jumping jacks and 30 squat kicks.

4.  Members must wear their Synergy club t-shirt and black yin yang trousers. 

5.  Be respectful and polite to your training partner and your teacher.  Maintain a harmonious and peaceful environment in the class. 

6.  Listen carefully and follow all instructions when being taught, do not change or add your own ideas unless you have been clearly instructed by your teacher to do so.  *All drills have particular functions in terms of developing specific energies, there should be more going on internally than just external repetitive techniques*


7.  When answering a question, please raise your hand and wait for your teacher to respond.


8.  When asking a question please use discernment by waiting for an appropriate time that does not disrupt the flow of what is being taught and the teacher.

9.  Talking should be kept to a minimum and on topic so that your focus on developing internal skills through higher states of awareness is continuously maintained.

10. Be a good training partner by providing the correct energy, work as a team, respect your older Wing Chun brothers and sisters.

11. Keep a good hygiene for yourself and for others / Phones should be on silent during class.

12. To contact the teacher please send a text message during the 5 day week and keep texts to working hours when appropriate.  If you have a question about your personal training the teacher will always attempt to answer this in class, if you have many questions please book a private lesson.


Ip Man Code of Conduct

Remain Disciplined - uphold yourself ethically as a martial artist